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Drury 100% Fair Chase 6

Price: $29.95
Code: 3021


Drury Longbeard Madness 2

Price: $29.95
Code: 3023

The Madness never end... Watch as the Drury duo and pro staff unveil video number 2 in the longbeard Madness series. The obsession has once again transition from rut to strut in a matter of months. From March to May, they Drury Outdoors team seduced more than 20 nature gobblers. Decked out in Mossy Oak- we're putting you up- close and personal with some redheads racked with desire. There are no spectators here. Prepare to evolve from an average bird hunter to a super-dominant predator on the prowl. Our die-hard, experienced team leads clarity to new techniques and strategies pulled from the fog of countless spring mornings in the field. Each season, our obsession grows stronger. And so does our ability to throw you in the middle of spring turkey hunting at its prime. Listen, smell, see and feel the outdoors- indoors. The Madness continues...


Drury Predator Madness

Price: $29.95
Code: 3024


JB's Alaskan Big Game 2

Price: $29.95
Code: 3031


Drury Dream Season

Price: $29.95
Code: 3022

Spend enough time in the woods and it becomes clear: Hunting is about connection. With the wild, with big whitetails and those you hold dear. This year's Dream season once again lives up to its name with some of the most incredible whitetail footage ever captured. But our Team's big-deer bounty is magnified to near epic proportions through time shared with family. Take a stand with Jeff Propst and his son as they each kill their largest bucks on successive days- 1951/8" and 148" monsters respectively. Husband and wife tandem Suzy and John O'Dell use the same muzzleloader to drop 150" and 130" deer only minutes apart. You'll watch dreams become reality in more than 2 hours and 20 minutes of footage. Bonds are strengthened through the hunting experience and more inches of antler hit the ground than you thought possible in the season of hunting. As a special bonus, you get to join Mark and Terry and their parents on a late-season doe mission in lowa.


K&H Ultimate Elk 2

Price: $29.95
Code: 3032

Harold Knight and David Hale head west once again to create a breathtaking video featuring awesome bulls and beautiful locales. It's the down-home excitement Harold and David are known for and the thrills of hunting big, big bulls in big, big country. Includes modern rifle, muzzleloader and bulls-in-your-face bow hunts.